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"I have commanded the ravens to feed you there" (1 King 17:4)



The [Raven of Love] project started in 2007 in Lima, Peru to deliver financial aid to pastors and church leaders in need. We deliver $80 (USD) monthly support to God’s servants who do not have access to sustainable living

conditions and/or ministry resources.


In May, 2008, [Raven of Love]’s first Pastor’s Conference was held in Lima, Peru, with 58 pastors attending

with Pastor Keun Sang Lee (Ohio), Pastor John Lee (Colorado), Pastor Amos Jun (Dominican Republic) and

Entrepreneur Charley Shin (Philadelphia) as main speakers, the conference spoke powerfully on the theme of

freedom and restoration. [Raven of Love]’s second Pastors’ Conference was held in May of 2009. 58 pastors

and their wives attended.


[Raven of Love] ministry is aimed to assist pastors and church leaders who are experiencing financial

difficulties. We hope to extend oursponsorship to more church leaders, empowering and encouraging those

who are dedicated to expanding the Kingdom of God.

What [Raven of Love] Does...

[Raven of Love] brings financial aid to local pastors and church leaders.

     We support pastors and church leaders who serve underprivileged communities and/or slum villages of Latin America. We bring financial aid and ministry trainingto sponsored leaders so they can be effective in their ministries.

[Raven of Love] provides pastor training, Sunday school teacher training, and QT training for sponsored individuals

     Every year, we hold conferences and training sessions for sponsored pastors and church leaders. We help them togrow in their spiritual walks and also provide them with ministry resources.

[Raven of Love] matches sponsored leaders with prayer partners

    Through the prayer matching program, [Raven of Love] ensures that sponsored leaders are amply prayed for.


You can Give the Gift of Hope and Love to Pastor in Peru!


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