Eagle's Nest

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Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself,

where she may lay her young in your alters..." -Psalm 84:3 




[Eagle’s Nest ministry] started in 2002 when HHK missionaries met Sergio, a young boy who lived with his mother and four siblings in Pachacutec,

Peru. Sergios family lived in extreme poverty but in the midst of all the troubles, 

Sergio took good care of his brothers and sisters and also brought many of his friends to Christ. HHK missionaries visited his home during a  

summer mission trip and found that his family lived in a flimsy shelter made of plastic sheets and no roof covering.


Sergios mother Berthas wish was that her children will have a roof above their heads so they can stay warm on wintery days and rainy nights.

Upon hearing her story, HHK missionaries and volunteers were moved to collect money on the spot and build a home for Sergios family.

The house was built before the end of the mission trip.


In 2007, sister Bertha passed away but Sergio and his brothers continue to live in the wooden house built by HHK missionaries and  receive

monthly aid through the [Eagle's Nest] ministry. Since our encounter with Sergios family, HHK WMC started taking applications for families with

special need for  homes and monthly support. [Eagle's Nest] is aimed at building 1,000 homes for homeless families by the year 2015.


What [Eagle's Nest] Does....


[Eagle's Nest] builds homes for qualifying children and families

There are 120 million homeless children today who roam the poorest streets of the world. Although we cannot relieve every one of their pains,

we respond to their suffering by building homes and shelters for truly needyfamilies in our sponsored regions.


[Eagle's Nest] secures land/home property for qualifying individuals

Sometimes children’s lives are jeopardized by parents’ debts. [Eagle's Nest] defends the livelihood of such children by preventing foreclosures of

homes and lands.


[Eagle's Nest] provides monthly financial aid for families with special needs

We give monthly financial support to qualifying families that lack the resources to make a living on their own.


 Your support and love can build one more house for the children in a desperate situation...

house of love and protection.

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