Children of Jesus

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coj logoKing will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of

the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

-Matthew 25:40

What [Children of Jesus] Does.....

[Children of Jesus] sends children to school 

 K-12 education is generally free for our children, but most schools in Peru require them to wear uniforms and bring their own school supplies.

COJ gives school uniforms, writing utensils, and shoes to children who cannot afford such things and cannot attend school.

By doing so, we help poor children to receive standard K-12 education with their peers. 

[Children of Jesus] delivers food and the Word of God to sponsored children 

 COJ sponsors Sunday school meal programs and provides Bible Study resources for needy churches.

We helpchildren receive physical and spiritual nourishment through the local churches. 

[Children of Jesus] matches children with caring sponsors 

COJ children are matched with sponsors from all over the world. Sponsor matching programs allow the benefactors andthe beneficiaries of COJ to

be blessed alike, as they share prayer requests and Jesus love through lettercorrespondences. 

[Children of Jesus] leads other children to local churches 

 COJ partners with local churches in sponsored regions in order to reach out to more children who need Jesus and alsodesire COJs help.

COJ gives children opportunities to grow in their love and the knowledge of God by working closelywith local churches.


COJ Ministry History 

HHK WMC launched the COJ ministry in 1996 by providing education to 55 children living in Santiago, DominicanRepublic.  

Then, in 1997, we had an opportunity to start our first feeding ministry in Costa Rica, relieving the suffering of 30 hunger-stricken

children.  However, it was in 1998 that our ministry expanded to be what it is today:

By Gods grace, we were able to launch COJ child sponsorship programs in three cities of Peru (Lima, Arequipa, Cusco). Hundreds of children were

cared for for the very first time and thousands more came to know Christ through COJs newly found ministry directions. 

 Another ministry breakthrough occurred in 2005 when we held our first [Peru to Christ] Childrens Crusade in Lima.

With more than 500 registered churches and 41,000 children attending, we were able to deliver the message of thecross to the multitudes of Peru.

The  motto of the 2005 crusade was  Love and Friendship and HHK missionaries spoke on the fellowship we have with God and each other

through Jesus Christ.

God has truly blessed the COJ ministry over the years and our sole purpose is to continue serving the children with the passionate love of the


[Children of Jesus] is aimed to assist poor and needy children with education, food, and basic medical care.

Our goal isto bring 150,000 children to Christ through love and prayer._


You can sponsor a child through the COJ ministry with a recurring monthly gift of $25 per child.Your contribution will provide your child: 

* With Food                   

* Schooling 

* Uniform and School supplies   

* Basic medical support 


* Big smile on their happy faces!


If you become a sponsor: 

* You will encourage a child with spiritual and physical needs                   

* You will convey the message of love and hope to a child 

* You will build a wonderful relationship with a child                   


* You will pray for your child!


You can also help by simply sending in a one-time gift of any amount and it will help many unmatched children.


Your love can place a true hope in the life of most precious child today!   

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If you want to sponsor a child, please click on one of the buttons below. Thank you!

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