16 February 2012
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Here are Frequently Asked Questions......


1.How long will I need to sponsor a child?/

Is there a fixed commitment time if I choose to sponsor a child?



No. Sponsoring a child is completely up to the sponsor’s will and decision. Hanhee Kim World Mission Center hope and pray for long-term sponsors to keep on ongoing relationship with their children so that these children may also become messengers of God, however, we also understand that situations may rise where you must terminate your sponsorship. In such situation, you can simply contact our office for notification.



2. What is [Children of Jesus] ministry taking place in Peru?




[Children of Jesus –COJ] is a ministry operated by Hanhee Kim World Mission Center. COJ is designed to meet the needs of the children living in poor and impoverished areas of Peru. With $25 contribution made by sponsors like you, it provides basic health needs, school uniform, school supplies, and Sunday school meals for a child in Peru. For a child to qualify for sponsorship, he/she must be attending Sunday school regularly and must be between the ages of 8-17. Sponsor can send gifts to the sponsoring child and also exchange letters to deepen their relationship. This type of sponsoring system allows the child to receive and experience the infinite love of God through their sponsor.



3. Why must I sponsor a child in Peru? Why not different nation?



Hanhee Kim World Mission Center was founded in 1993, shortly after our Lord has called Mrs. Kim to His eternal home. A $50 donation was made to her name dedicating her heart for mission, which became a seed and a foundation to our mission center. Since then, Hanhee Kim World Mission Center has been praying for His careful guidance, and the Holy Spirit has directed us where to go each time. Among His direction, our mission center was directed to Dominican Republic as our first mission field in 1996 followed by Peru in 1998, which still continues to this day. Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s ministry of bringing salvation and gospel does not stop in Peru. We hope to see the doors open to China, India, Costa Rica in the near future because God has confirmed us these countries as our next mission field. We will continue in our work to reach and spread God’s love to all poor and alienated children. Although most of the children to be sponsored are from Peru at this time, many more children are to come from our next mission field as God allows in the near future.



4. How do we learn about our sponsoring child?


Within 2 weeks of registering for sponsorship, you will receive a package containing your child’s picture, brief family background, prayer request, and welcome information from Hanhee Kim World Mission Center. In the package, you will also find a stationary to write your first letter to your sponsoring child and you will be able to hear from him/her within 3 months time. You as a sponsor are also given opportunity to participate in the short term mission trip to visit your child in person. During these 2 weeks of mission trip you can share God’s love and encourage them in person.



5. How is my donations sent to my child and how is it used?


Hanhee Kim Mission Center’s [COJ] Peru headquarters is in Lima, Peru. Through this office, all children’s sponsorship status is updated on a regular basis. Most of our sponsoring children come from the poverty-stricken areas of Peru. These children are usually malnourished and live in environment short of sewer system, electricity, bathroom, road, a school. Needless to say, these children have no ways to receive medical treatment along with insufficient source of food, shelter and clothing.

Majority of these children come from broken families, and are abandoned by their parent putting them out in the streets picking trash or at a farm to work at such young age. Therefore we believe it is important that these children are cared for, and God’s message of hope reaches these children immediately through Sunday school.

 This is why we value in prioritizing Sunday school attendance. When they attend, not only do they receive gifts such as warm meal, under garment, socks, uniform, school supplies, bible teaching resources, and bibles, but also hear the message of God’s hope. 



6. Are there any other ways to help besides the sponsorship?




Hanhee Kim World Mission Center accepts separate contributions other than contributions made for sponsorship. Besides your monthly contribution for sponsorship, you can also send personal gift to your child for special occasions

such as his/her birthday, Christmas, and holidays. In return your child will thank you through letters and prayer of thanks giving. Other contributions made to our mission center will be used  on medical supplies and necessities at churches in Peru.


7. Is it possible to become a sponsor if you live in Korea?




Yes. Hanhee Kim World Mission Center has its own bank account that anyone living in Korea can become a sponsor and contribute by giving 30,000 won (approximately $26 USD) monthly to support a needy child in Peru. Currently, there are many COJ sponsors and supporters in Korea sharing the love of God to these children. Same as our sponsors living in the United States, sponsors in Korea are able to exchange letters with the child, and also visit the mission field through Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s short-term mission trips.




8. Are there any other ways to help besides sponsoring a child?


Hanhee Kim World Mission Center-Denver headquarter is in need of many volunteers. Due to the fact that our mission fields are mainly located in the Latin America, we especially need help from translators who speak and write Spanish to translate the letters written by the children and sponsors. We also need volunteers who can join in our prayer team, phoebe Bazaar cooking team, and the coin-box ministry. Although your situation may not call for sponsorship at the moment, our office welcomes volunteers who are willing to expand God’s message as a team in various ways. Please feel free to contact our mission center for information or tour. Through your compassionate heart, may our Lord repay you and bless you hundredfold!





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