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To this day, children prove to be the most neglected and

oppressed population of the world.



*Every day, 30,000 innocent children die from extreme poverty and every year, 5 million children five years and younger lose their lives to malnutrition.


*250 million children are exploited through various forms of child labor and 120 million more roam the streets of the poorest ghettos

because they have neither homes nor access to more sustainable living conditions.


*HHK World Mission Center wants to provide relief and prayer for these children

so that they may hear the good news of Salvation and become children in the eternal Kingdom of God.




Vision Statement


HHK World Mission Center strives to contribute to world evangelism by educating and bringing aid to the poor and neglected children of the


HHK World Mission Center strives to equip and train Spirit-filled Sunday schoolteachers and servants of the Word. We pray that they will join our

efforts in discipling 15,000 “children of Jesus” to embrace God’s Global Vision of Salvation and grow up as mighty warriors and faithful servants of God.

HHK World Mission Center strives to plant COJ Children’s Centers in ten different countries and provide education and services that increase

children’s physical, mental, and spiritual health and freedom.


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