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HanHee Kim World Mission Center Time line



Mar. 1993: HHK WMC Committee meets for the first time.

Sep. 17-19, 1993: HHK WMC & the Board of Directors are founded. Mission Conference is held at Dong San Baptist Church in Denver, CO and HHK WMC opens on Sept 20, 1993.

Oct. 1993: HHK WMC Prayer Team is formed.

Nov. 1993: HHK WMC sponsors needy churches in farming villages in Korea.

May 1994: HHK WMC sponsors needy churches in the United States.

Feb. 1995: HHK WMC works with Compassion International in preparation of the launching of Compassion Korea. HHK WMC was to introduce Compassion International to Korean Americans in the US and help Compassion open its regional office in Korea.

Sep. 1995: HHK WMC meets with Pastor Amos Jaedok Jun in the Dominican Republic. Pastor Jun is a Korean missionary to  the Dominican Republic. He desired to work with needy children and was praying for God’s provisions when he came in contact with the HHK WMC.

Nov. 1995: HHK WMC begins the [Children of Jesus (COJ)] Ministry by helping 35 needy children in the Dominican Republic.

Jan. 14, 1996: HHK WMC Opens “Beautiful Elementary School” (Escuela Ermosa) in Santiago, Dominican Republic and enrolls 55 new students.

Jul.-Aug. 1996: HHK WMC’s first short term mission trip to Dominican Republic.

Sep. 1996: HHK WMC meets with Pastor Rick Sanchez in Costa Rica. Pastor Sanchez and his wife had been operating a feeding program for 20-25 needy children at that time. His ministry was located in one of the poorest regions near San Jose called Carpio.

Jan. 1997: HHK WMC starts the COJ ministry in Carpio, Costa Rica.

Mar. 1997: HHK WMC meets with Alicia Yoshikawa, a Peruvian woman who had been praying for the needy children of Peru for over 20 years. She and her family moved to Denver in 1996 for their two sons’ education.

Jul. 1997: President James Lee visits Peru for the first time.

Sep. 1997: HHK WMC starts the COJ ministry in Peru: COJ mission projects start simultaneously in the cities of Lima, Arequipa and Cusco. 35, 20, and 55 children were sponsored from Lima, Arequipa and Cusco, respectively.

Mar. 1998: HHK WMC starts sponsoring missions in Greece by helping Missionary Son with Gypsy Children Project.

Jan. 1999: Ministry in Dominican Republic becomes self sufficient and HHK stops all her ministries from the country.

May 1999: COJ regional office opens in Korea with 15 new sponsors.

Jul.-Aug. 1999: HHK WMC’s second short term mission trip to Costa Rica and Peru.

Jan. 2000: COJ Korea launches and begins child sponsorship administrations.

Jul.-Aug. 2000: HHK WMC’s third short term mission trip to Costa Rica.

Jul.-Aug. 2001: HHK WMC’s fourth short term mission trip to Peru.

Jan. 2002: HHK WMC begins the [Eagle’s Nest] house building project. HHK builds a home for a sister named Bertha and her five sons who were desperately in need of help. Their house is in Pachacutec, Peru.

Jul. 2002: COJ Korea Board of Directors is formed.

Jul. 2002: A television broadcast featuring the COJ ministry airs on CTS TV Korea.

Jul.-Aug. 2003: HHK WMC’s fifth Short term mission trip to Costa Rica and Peru.

Jul.-Aug. 2005: HHK WMC’s sixth short term mission trip to Peru.

Aug. 4, 2005: ‘Peru to Christ’ Children’s Crusade is held in Peru with 41,000 children participants.

Aug. 2005: HHK WMC begins the [Father’s House] church building project in Peru. It builds and dedicates a church building in Zapallal, Peru.

Jul. 2006: COJ Korea ministry is discontinued.

Jul.-Aug. 2007: HHK WMC’s seventh mission trip to Peru.

Nov. 2007: HHK WMC begins the [Raven of Love] Pastor sponsorship project in Lima with 24 pastors, providing basic necessities to pastors in need of financial aid.

May 2008: COJ’s first Pastor’s Conference is held with the theme, “Free us Lord!” 58 Peruvian pastors attend. Pastor KeunSang Lee of Ohio, Pastor John Lee of  Denver, Colorado, Pastor Amos Jun of Dominican Republic, and Entrepreneur Charley Shin of Philadelphia speak at the conference.

Jul.-Aug. 2008: HHK WMC’s eighth mission trip to Peru.

Apr. 2009: HHK WMC’s [Riverside Tree] scholarship project begins in Lima, Peru with the giving of scholarships to ten COJ youth.

May 2009: COJ’s second annual Pastor’s conference is held in Lima, Peru. 55 pastors and their wives attend.

Jul.-Aug. 2009: HHK WMC’s ninth short term mission trip to Peru.

June 2010: COJ's third annual Pastor's conference is held with the theme, "Ignite us, O Lord!" 200  Peruvian pastors and their wives attend.

June 26-Aug 6 2010: HHK WMC's tenth mission trip tp Peru.

Aug. 3-5 2010: ABBA PERU 2010. Five thousands youth attend.

Mar. 2011: COJ's fourth annual Pastor and Youth conference.

July-Aug. 2011: HHK WMC's eleventh short term mission trip to Peru.

May 2012: COJ's fifth annual Pastor and Youth conference will be held at 4 city in Peru

July-Aug. 2012: HHK WMC's twelves short term mission trip and ABBA Peru 2012 are scheduling


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