2014 Greetings

Let’s be Ready!

Pastor James Lee, President

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   "And Everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself just as He is pure." - 1 John 3:11


Happy New Year!

Each New Year brings fresh new expectation, new resolutions, and a wish-list.

We are already planning and looking forward to our visit to Peru in July and August.

This will be our 15th year of ministering among our Peruvian families. God has been so good to us during past 15 years. But we have greater expectations for this year.

Every year, volunteers and followers of Christ eagerly want to go on these mission trips. That is why we want to make sure that we are ready to do His work in Peru this July. Thus, we are having long meetings and making sure that everything is in order. But there is greater expectation for all of us in this New Year.

We can't help but wonder if 2014 will be the year when Jesus comes back as He promised. I really wish He does.Of course no one knows the exact date and time but our Father and yet if He is returning then we must be ready. Are you ready to meet the returning King of kings, and Lord of lords?

If we really believe that He is returning soon, hoping that it is this year, then we will be more ready to forgive, to seek forgiveness, and to share God's unconditional love with others. Don't you think He is coming back soon? Let us live as if we are really hoping for His return, pure and holy!

God bless you.  

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

To this day, children prove to be the most

neglected and oppressed population of the world.


*Every day, 30,000 innocent children die from extreme poverty and every year,

5 million children five years and younger lose their lives to malnutrition.


*250 million children are exploited through various forms of child laborand 120 million more roam the streets of the poorest ghettos because they have neither homes nor access to more sustainable living conditions.


*HHK World Mission Center wants to provide relief and prayer for these children so that they may hear the

good news of Salvation and become children in the eternal Kingdom of God.



HHK World Mission Center strives to contribute to world evangelism by educating and

bringing aid to the poor and neglected children of the world.

HHK World Mission Center strives to equip and train Spirit-filled Sunday schoolteachers and servants of the Word. We pray that they will join our efforts to disciple 15,000 “children of Jesus” to

embrace God’s Global Vision of Salvation and grow up as mighty warriors and faithful servants of God.


HHK World Mission Center strives to plant COJ Children’s Centers in ten different countries and provide education and services that increase children’s physical, mental, and spiritual health and freedom.


The Beginnings of HanHee Kim World Mission Center

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HanHee Kim World Mission Center was founded in 1993 in memory of Mrs. Han Hee Kim, a pastor's wife and a faithful woman of God who dedicated her life to sharing the Gospel with everyone she knew.

She was leading a Bible study in August of 1990 when she collapsed under a sudden strain. She passed away 33 days later, but her sacrificial life touched many in powerful and lasting ways. After Mrs. Kim's death, Dr. Hovland, a friend of DongSan Baptist Church, gave a mission's offering of $50. Soon, many friends and local church members followed in giving in honor of her greatest vision of all: helping the poor and the neglected children of the world.

These generous offerings ensued for three years, and, in September of 1993, the HHK World Mission Center was finally established. HHK WMC first started sponsoring needy churches in Korea and in the United States. In 1995, after a meeting with Pastor Amos Jaedok Jin in the Dominican Republic, HHK WMC began the Children of Jesus (COJ) ministry by helping 35 needy children in the Dominican Republic. But it did not stop there, in the following three years, the COJ ministry was established in Costa Rica, Peru, and Greece.

With the ministry in the Dominican Republic becoming self-sufficient, HHK stopped ministries in the country and focused most of its resources into Peru and Costa Rica. During 2002-2009, HHK expanded and formed four more ministries; Eagle's Nest in 2002, Father's House in 2005, Raven of Love in 2007 and Riverside Tree in 2009. However, HHK WMC has remained faithful to the call of evangelism ever since, and since its founding; the mission center continues to deliver the good news of salvation to thousands of “Children of Jesus.” HanHee Kim World Mission Center strives to follow God's will in all of its ways and hard works to accomplish its vision of bringing 150,000 needy children to Jesus.



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